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Books by Maggie Steele



How I Got My S!*t Together is a guide to fulfillment in which Maggie Steele shares how she turned her life around and shows us how to do the same. No matter what our past experiences have been, we are each entitled to a clean slate and a fresh start. This workbook is filled with thought provoking questions that open your mind and allow your soul to breathe.  Learn how simple ideas put into action can transform your life, ensure happiness, and help you realize your dreams.


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This isn't just any journal.


 The #Truth Jounal is meant to be used as a place to track uplifting, positive, supportive statements people say about you. As humans, we're wired to focus on the insults and critiques so we often overlook the acknowledgements we receive.


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The #Truth Journal is a private space for you to collect all of the awesome truths that are being said about you. 


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10 Teen Stories That Might Just Change Your Life is meant to introduce healthy, positive discussions around some of the issues young teenagers are faced with today. Each story is followed by discussion questions and a group activity.  Educators, youth workers and social workers are all encouraged to use this book to support 7th, 8th and 9th graders in talking about difficult situations and stressful experiences.


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Success Guide for the Unstoppable Entrepeneur  is a complilation of specific, proven methods to support entrepeneurs in becoming successful.  Maggie Steele contributed a chapter on rejection and how to move through your fear and step into your power. 


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