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Mindfulness Coaching 
Academic Coaching 

Academic Coaching offers teens and young adults an opportunity to discover their specific learning and thinking styles, while building on their unique strengths.  Teachers have a ton of work to do and aren’t always able to teach each student in a way that resonates with them.  As a result, too many young students are loosing faith in themselves. Academic coaching supports these students in creating structure and systems that work for them so that they can build motivation and improve their grades.

Mindfulness Coaching offers teens and young adults an opportunity to cultivate self-compassion. Many adolescents feel overwhelmed and struggle with anxiety on a daily basis.  Academic pressure and social situations are often challenging to navigate when you don't have the tools needed to quiet your mind and open your heart.  Together, we will explore different ways to let go of the judgmental inner critic and identify positive coping strategies to use when confronted with stressful events.  


Transitional Coaching is an opportunity for teens and young adults to take back control of their lives and start again.  This type of coaching is extremely effective for young adults who have dropped out of school, taken some time off from school, or are just trying to figure out how to turn things around.  We work together to highlight patterns or behaviors that are no longer serving the young adult and create specific actions steps to support them in regaining control of their lives.


Life Coaching offers teens and young adults an opportunity to gain clarity about who they are and what steps need to be taken to move them toward their full potential.  This is where limiting and distorted beliefs are brought to the surface and specific action steps are created to support the teen in moving through them.  Stress levels are often addressed and we work together to create individualized plans to cope with the stress, build confidence and leverage the teen’s strengths.

Transitional Coaching
Life Coaching

I meet with clients on a weekly basis and offer coaching sessions in person, over the phone or via Skype.  A typical session runs between 45 minutes to an hour and ends with a specific, simple, action step to accomplish in the week that follows. Each coaching session is tailored to the specific needs of the client and usually focuses on one of the following types of coaching.

Career Coaching

Career Coaching offers older teens and young adults an opportunity to discover what they want to do moving into the next chapter of their lives.  For some, this might mean after High School graduation.  For others, this could be after College.  Each coaching session is tailored to the young adult’s specific needs so that they are walking away feeling confident in their skills and clear about where they want to go.

Mentor Coaching
for Coaches

Mentor Coaching is for newer coaches who are interested in honing their skills and are passionate about working with youth.  Single mentoring sessions are available as are 10-session packages as 10 hours of mentor coaching is required by the International Coach Federation.  

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