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The Youth Coaching Institute is a an organization with a mission to merge high quality mentoring and science-based life coaching as solution-focused support for at-risk and high-risk youth and young adults.  As a Coach Training Facilitator, Maggie teaches educators, parents, social workers and youth workers who work with at-risk and high-risk youth.  We make it a point to equip participants to rise through self-mastery, self-advocacy, and self-determination for the sake of self and others so that they can apply empirically-supported strategies to foster resilience and achievement in the youth we serve. Learn more by visiting our site at


GirlZone is an online magazine and now, App, that aims to educate, inform and empower teenage girls.  Maggie contributes educational stories and action plans that support young women in recognizing their self-worth and making decisions that correspond with their unique core values. Feel free to learn more by visiting


Inward Bound Mindfulness Education (iBme) is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the lives of teens, parents, and professionals. Through mindfulness retreats, iBme helps participants cultivate awareness, compassion, and kindness for themselves, others, and the natural world. Maggie has served as the Mental Health Coordinator since 2014 and has led workshops on mindfulness practices and writing to heal.  You can learn more about the incredible work being done at iBme by visiting

Mindful Tip of the Day is a website dedicated to supporting individuals on their journey toward well-being and self-compassion.  Too often we let our thoughts control our lives. By bringing mindfulness into your life, you will develop a greater love for yourself and a deeper sense of peace within. Simple mindful tips are posted every single day.  Feel free to check in at!

Think Of Us uses innovative technology to support youth in foster care in creating goals and building life skills.  Coaches work with indiviudal teens and support them with virtual coaching to promote self-efficacy and self-determination so that youth can create their own healing journey. More information can be found at  

Peace in Schools is a non-profit bringing mindfulness to youth in schools and social service agencies. In 2014 we launched the first for-credit mindfulness course in a U.S. public high school. This groundbreaking mindfulness class is now offered at seven high schools in Portland, Oregon and will be expanding in 2017. Maggie is a mindfulness teacher at Franklin High School and offers trainings on trauma-informed approaches for educators and youth-serving professionals. Feel free to learn more by visiting our site at


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