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I offer trainings and workshops  to youth professionals and educators. 


Topics include:


  • Trauma-Informed Practices in a Classroom Setting

  • Mindfulness as a Skill Set

  • Deescalation Strategies 

  • Engagement and Courageous Conversations with Youth

  • Fundamentals of Coaching and Reflective Listening

  • Using Compassionate Communication with Teens

  • Motivation Strategies for Teens 






This trauma recovery intervention aims to:


  • Enhance key trauma recovery and coping skills such as self-protections, self-soothing, emotional modulation, maintaining interpersonal boundaries, and developing relational mutuality

  • Decrease risk of re-victimization

  • Strengthen girls' overall functioning


This program covers 16 sessions over the course of 4 months with weekly sessions.










Presentations for parents and educators focus on the value of coaching, reflective listening, and mindfulness. Each presentation can be tailored to fit your unique audience.  


Assemblies for teens focus on giving yourself a clean slate and taking steps toward self-acceptance.  I share my story while engaging the students in self-reflection so that they are able to walk away with specific, simple steps that will support them in coping with challenging situations and emotions.  





Workshops for Teens

Speaking and Presentations

Workshops for Parents


Workshops for teens include:


  • Mindfulness Skills

  • Exploring Passion and Strengths 

  • Communication Skills

  • Identifying Motivation

  • Befriending the Inner Critic

  • Cultivating Healthy Relationships​               






Workshops for parents include:


  • Conflict Resolution

  • Coaching and Why it Works

  • Igniting Sparks

  • Motivating Your Teen 






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