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Teen Clients


"It has been a pleasure working with you in this program, as I have enjoyed your warm and genuine style of teaching and coaching.  I appreciate the fact you are truly an expert in this coaching field, one of the best I've met.  You really understand what it means to be an effective coach.  As a mentor coach, you have a great ability to provide feedback and instruction in a way that is  knowledgeable, constructive and kind.  You were able to be intuitive about what was needed in each session, allowing the session to be tailored to my particular needs.  I thank you for creating a space that made me feel comfortable and safe, while providing expert level mentor coaching.  You have helped me gain more confidence in not just coaching techniques, but also in my specific personality type, which empowers me to believe I can be successful in this field." - M.T.

"I used to dwell on the past and get caught up in thinking about the future. I've realized that what happened in the past doesn't have to effect me right now. Before, my happiness rested on other people's oppinions of me.  Now I'm more focused on me and what feels right.  I can recognize my inner critic and know what it is instead of letting it take over..." - Teen

"I would tell anyone considering working with Maggie to go for it! I was hesitant at the beginning because I didn't think we could work through things very well just through the phone, but Maggie has great methods, and I could literally feel myself changing week by week. Just by talking on the phone I felt like I knew Maggie because she was so supportive and helpful. I truly came out of the 12 weeks a happier, more confident person." - Una L.  

"I'm ten times more confident.  I can like what I like.  When something is hard, I don't have to think something is going to kill me.  I can think, "Okay, it's not going to be like this forever."  I can see that it's a thought trap now and I can let it go." - Teen 

"He is doing much better! We had a conversation and it was the most honest and realistic conversation I have had with him in a long time.  It was a delight.  He is very happy with the effort he has put into school this time around.  When I talk with him I just have to smile. Thanks for all your work with him" – Parent 

"Our sessions really helped build my confidence and made me believe in myself a lot more than before. You opened my eyes to a number of possibilities and made me realize that I dont have to compromise for my happiness. You helped my accountability and made me act on my desires, and that is something that will benefit me for a long time to come.  Thanks for all your help!" – R.W.

"... our son feels he has more confidence in himself, and he is much more focused and positive about his future options.   He said that the sessions helped him realize that he can think outside the box and not have to “settle” for a traditional career path.  Also, the exercises helped reinforce his beliefs about who he is and what he values.  In essence, he’s beginning to trust his instincts more and follow what he truly values.  He’s getting out of his comfort zone and going for it – yay!"  – Parent

"Maggie is always supportive and encouraging. She never judges and is really good at breaking things down and making life feel easier."  – Mya K.

"Maggie, there are no words to express how thankful we are that you came into our lives….The change in **** is truly a miracle….In just a few short months, he has come out of his dark place and has turned into a young man who is motivated and moving forward!!  We will be forever grateful." – Parent

"Thank you for sharing what you're passionate about. Thank you for making my emotional response valid. I needed that." - S.R.

"I have never before felt more listened to and heard in my life. I feel like you helped me see myself more clearly. Moving forward, I'm going to do my best to listen with as much compassion and kindness as you did when someone else is talking so that I can be what you were for me. You'll never know how much our time together helped me. Thank you!" - Teen 

"I would have given up and quit school if it wasn’t for Maggie.  She helped me get back control and made things seem easier.  I’ve got big things in store for me and Maggie helped me see that."  – Sergio C.

"Maggie is supportive, encouraging, insightful, understanding, professional, and was able to draw out the best in me. Maggie is friendly, funny and can see so much more in us than we can see in ourselves.  Maggie always makes herself available if at anytime we need assistance or have any questions.  Maggie's dedication to facilitating the training has been flawless." - Michelle B.

"I deeply appreciate your commitment to be inclusive and to acknowledge all experiences and voices. Thank you for all that you do." M.E.

Maggie Steele is an extraordinary Instructor, Coach, and Mentor. In our six month Youth Coaching Certification program, she not only taught the knowledge and skills we needed - she modeled them perfectly! Maggie treated each of us with unconditional positive regard, seeing each student's unique brilliance while effectively guiding our development exactly as needed. I have never felt so acknowledged and empowered. Whether coaching youth or training professionals, I trust Maggie to bring out the best in every person she supports! - A.K.

"Thank you for helping my daughter get organized!  We are both so grateful that you came into our lives.  Feeling blessed."  - Parent

"We are so thankful for all that you've done. It's as though she's a different person. She's confident, determined and willing to take risks! Something shifted and she's happier and freer too. Thank you again for all that you've offered her." - Parent

"Maggie is dedicated, honest, REAL, patient, compassionate, and her energy and passion are contagious.  I looked forward to seeing her smiling face and positive energy every week. I feel so blessed to go through the training with Maggie -- she is passionate, dedicated and a great educator!  Not only did I learn how to coach and work with teens, but I was able to apply those learnings to my life and now I've made big changes in my own life too, coaching is powerful!!  This experience was truly rewarding and meaningful on every level.  Thank you for everything, Maggie!" - L.D.

"When we first found Maggie, we were at our wits end. The past six months have been filled with question marks and uncertainty. Through it all, Maggie was able to bring out the best in our daughter. She seemed to come home lighter and filled with possibility. There is no question that the work she did with Maggie has had a profound impact on her overall confidence and wellbeing. We are so grateful and appreciative for all that you've done. If you are wondering if this "coaching thing" works. It does!" - Parent

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