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"Our sessions really helped build my confidence and made me believe in myself a lot more than before. You opened my eyes to a number of possibilities and made me realize that I dont have to compromise for my happiness. You helped my accountability and made me act on my desires, and that is something that will benefit me for a long time to come.  Thanks for all your help!" – R.W.

"... our son feels he has more confidence in himself, and he is much more focused and positive about his future options.   He said that the sessions helped him realize that he can think outside the box and not have to “settle” for a traditional career path.  Also, the exercises helped reinforce his beliefs about who he is and what he values.  In essence, he’s beginning to trust his instincts more and follow what he truly values.  He’s getting out of his comfort zone and going for it – yay!"  – Parent

"Maggie, there are no words to express how thankful we are that you came into our lives….The change in **** is truly a miracle….In just a few short months, he has come out of his dark place and has turned into a young man who is motivated and moving forward!!  We will be forever grateful." – Parent

"Wanted to let you know that **** seems to be doing fantastic. Having friends over and going to friends houses and going to movies.  He also has been doing small little things that seem worlds away from how he was 10 months ago.  Additionally, he decided to take action against something he believes in..The baseball coach didn’t get asked to come back… **** wrote up a petition and had people sign it.  He also is organizing team practices for this summer…He is leading this…No one asked him to…An adult is not even involved…How absolutely amazing!!  A little less than a year and he has come so far.  You have heard it from me before, but you are so amazing and have turned his life around.  Thank you Maggie!!" – Parent
"Thank you for helping my daughter get organized!  We are both so grateful that you came into our lives.  Feeling blessed."  - Parent
"You are an amazing human being!!!!!!  You’ve helped me probably more than you’ll ever know.   Thank you for giving me back my life.  No joke – that’s what you did.  You helped me believe in me and for once I’m not going to let anyone tear me down.  Ever. Again. Period." - Jessie R.
"Had to take a second to write you and let you know that Jackson has never been more focused.  He’s on the right track and I know it has a lot to do with your coaching sessions."  – Parent
"I loved our sessions and talking with you was a release. It definitely helped me organize some of my thoughts." - K.M
"It’s never been easy for me to open up and tell someone things.  I feel like the coaching sessions have helped me not only open up to you but also open up to other people as well.  I’m starting to understand that I have a choice and that my life doesn’t have to suck. Lol!!!" – Monica T.
"Thanks Maggie.  I get why you do what you do.  You’re good at it." – Chris T.
"You helped me through one of the most difficult moments.  Looking back on this year I’m honestly amazed I got to where I am now.  Thank you for showing me how to get out of the rut I was in.  Thank you very much."  – Jeff R.
"I would have given up and quit school if it wasn’t for Maggie.  She helped me get back control and made things seem easier.  I’ve got big things in store for me and Maggie helped me see that."  – Sergio C.
"I’ve learned to love myself more and care for myself.  I was passive before and I was hurting myself…. Thank you Maggie.  You showed me how to do that and this has made the difference.  I’m happy now.  Today.  This feeling of joy is because of you." – Charlisa T.
"My mom and I are so proud that I got the internship!! You helped me step out of my comfort zone and helped me prepare.  I honestly never would have gotten it without you.  Thank you!!!!" – Emily P.

"Maggie is always supportive and encouraging. She never judges and is really good at breaking things down and making life feel easier."  – Mya K.

"He is doing much better! We had a conversation and it was the most honest and realistic conversation I have had with him in a long time.  It was a delight.  He is very happy with the effort he has put into school this time around.  When I talk with him I just have to smile. Thanks for all your work with him" – Parent 
"I'm ten times more confident.  I can like what I like.  When something is hard, I don't have to think something is going to kill me.  I can think, "Okay, it's not going to be like this forever."  I can see that it's a thought trap now and I can let it go." - Teen 

"I would tell anyone considering working with Maggie to go for it! I was hesitant at the beginning because I didn't think we could work through things very well just through the phone, but Maggie has great methods, and I could literally feel myself changing week by week. Just by talking on the phone I felt like I knew Maggie because she was so supportive and helpful. I truly came out of the 12 weeks a happier, more confident person." - Una L.  

"I used to dwell on the past and get caught up in thinking about the future. I've realized that what happened in the past doesn't have to effect me right now. Before, my happiness rested on other people's oppinions of me.  Now I'm more focused on me and what feels right.  I can recognize my inner critic and know what it is instead of letting it take over..." - Teen

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